Beach Photo Shoot in Daytona, FL: Dylan & Hope

Recently, I had my first Daytona, FL, couple’s beach photo shoot and it was amazing!

A Sweet Surprise

A couple of weeks before the session, I was contacted to do Dylan and Hope’s couple’s beach photo shoot at Daytona Beach Shores. The couple was to be engaged that morning, and I was to be the surprise for the afternoon. How exciting!

Dylan had already asked for Hope’s hand in marriage and informed Hope’s parents about his plan ahead of time. Hope’s mother, Kathy, wanted to gift the beautiful couple a surprise couple’s beach photo shoot to freeze meaningful memories from the very special day.

The beginning

Pretty clouds adorned the bright, white sky. There was a slight pinkish tone to it. The soft wind swayed back and forth, toning down the heat of the sun to pleasant. It was not too hot or cold, but right in the middle. The couple was dressed up, as they were planning to go to a celebration dinner after our couple’s beach photo shoot. We walked down the stairs, straight to the semi-private part of the beach from Kathy’s gorgeous condo. Soft, pale-blue waves played a peaceful song for us in the background. Interchanging lovey looks, the two were ready to start.

Fun memories and candid moments

Initially, I had spoken with the couple prior to going downstairs. I had never met or spoken with them before and wanted to ensure that they would love the outcome of their surprise. We briefly talked about their vision and the “vibe” they would want in their photos. A few minutes of learning about them and their love story gave me more ideas for our couple’s beach photo shoot. It was easy to see that they were a romantic, fun-type of couple. Something that stuck with me was that Dylan and Hope actually met each other back in Middle School. Can you believe that? Their hearts found each other again later in life and this time, their love was inevitable. I don’t think it could get cuter than that.

First, we did some posed photos, some of which included LOVE letter props I had brought with me to add a little something to our couple’s beach photo shoot. I don’t like to use too many props, but I do think that sometimes they add a little extra, unique element to it. Then, I guided Dylan ad Hope to ignore I was there and just have fun with it. They walked, they danced, they laughed, and it was awesome to capture that for them.

The last few minutes

Lastly, we walked back up to the condo to add a couple of more special people and their cute dog to the collection. It was my pleasure to capture the couple’s beach photo shoot. With every couple, my goal is that years from our shoot, when they look back at their photos, they see not just a photo but can relieve the feelings of joy and excitement that that day brought for them. For that moment to live on forever and my photos to provoke sincere smiles and giggles overtime.

This was my first couple’s beach photo shoot but definitely not my last. I look forward to capturing more couples and families at the beach very soon.  Scroll down to see some of my favorite photos from Dylan & Hopes couple’s beach photo shoot: